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No Longer Voiceless Icons: Muslim Women Break down the Good Muslim/Bad Muslim Dichotomy

As Muslim Americans are propelled into the public light more and more, mainly due to negative political rhetoric around immigration, national security, war and refugees, there is an even greater pressure for Muslims to always present their lives and religion in a positive light. 1 661 ord igjen


Qadiyaniyat Aur Mirza Qadiyani Ki Haqeeqat | Shaykh Muhammad Ali Yemeni حفظه الله 

​🔈 Audio Lecture 

📋 Topic : Qadiyaniyat Aur Mirza Qadiyani Ki Haqeeqat

🎙 Speaker : Shaykh Muhammad Ali Yemeni حفظه الله 

📆 Date : Saturday 06th January 2018  60 ord igjen

Masjid E Tawheed

Jamat E Islami Ki Haqeeqat | Shaykh Muhammad Ali Yemeni حفظه الله 

Deeni Dars 


🎙 Speaker:  SHAYKH MUHAMMAD ALI YEMENI (حفظه الله)

📆 Date : Friday 05 January 2018

⌚ Time : After Salat ul Isha… 27 ord igjen

Masjid E Muhammadi

[Jumu'ah Khutba] Fitna Inkaar E Hadees


🎙 Khateeb : Shaykh Abu Abbad Imran Madani حفظه الله

📃 Topic : Fitnah Inkar E Hadees

📆 Date : 21 April 2017 Friday… 16 ord igjen

Jumu'ah Khutba

The necessity of evil

Bismillahi ar-rahman ar-rahim

That’s probably not a common thing you’ll hear or read often: «The necessity of evil». The faulty atheistic logic that gets trotted out a lot is that an Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent God wouldn’t allow evil to exist in the world. 935 ord igjen

God's Existence

Fitna - What Does it Mean?

The Arabic word for trial/test often used in the Qur’an is fitna. What does it mean?

Fitna means to burn something, e.g. in Surah 85:10, «Those who burned the believing men and believing women…» 123 ord igjen


Poznámka: Klamstvo sa môže zdať extrémne presvedčivé až reálne

Je dôležité si zapamätať, že v prípade Mojžiša (mier s ním) Allah (Oslavovaný a Vyvýšený) tiež potrestal ľudí, ktorí začali uctievať teľa tým, že dal teľaťu hlas. 172 ord igjen