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A lot's in a name

It is perhaps one of the biggest ironies that we have no say in deciding our own name- something that remains our biggest identity throughout our life. 363 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart

The Magical Being

Imagine being huddled in a corner of a room, sad about everything that’s going around you. Those times when you’d give anything in the world to run away to a distant land where nobody knows you; you’d be perfectly fine to live alone than endure the torture you’re undergoing right now. 170 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart

The young victim

This poem is dedicated to all of us- victims of a suffocating educational system with burdensome evaluation patterns. It is a matter of shame for any educational institution when the institutional torture it inflicts upon students is so severe that even the most hardworking and sincere ones cannot perform their level best. 366 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart