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No Scolding

I have always had problems with scolding as a form of negative reinforcement. Contrary to popular belief that it is important to admonish if someone commits a mistake, I believe there are more patient ways to deal with an errant child, student, or any person. 421 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart

A lot's in a name

It is perhaps one of the biggest ironies that we have no say in deciding our own name- something that remains our biggest identity throughout our life. 363 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart

The Magical Being

Imagine being huddled in a corner of a room, sad about everything that’s going around you. Those times when you’d give anything in the world to run away to a distant land where nobody knows you; you’d be perfectly fine to live alone than endure the torture you’re undergoing right now. 170 ord igjen

Feelings From The Heart