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On the Dreams We Inherit and the Ones We Bestow

I recall this moment as a kid, growing up in Tallahassee, where my dad was trying to teach me something about numbers and money. We were standing on the driveway and my dad was probably having a cigarette while I was sipping soymilk out of a can—I must’ve been seven or eight, I can’t remember—and he was trying to help me grasp what it meant to be a millionaire. 589 more words

Jay Zhu

the ultimate Thanksgiving leftovers grilled cheese sandwich

The only crime you can commit with Thanksgiving leftovers is to let them go to waste. I am pretty sure the two most common thoughts going through people’s mind the day after Thanksgiving are, «what Christmas album should I play?» and «how can I get away with eating more than my share of the Thanksgiving leftovers?» Well, I have a suggestion for how to accomplish the latter, and the former is always Amy Grant. 309 more words


Peter Rabbit Official Trailer

The famous mischievous rabbit is heading to the big screen as Colombia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation releases the official trailer for their upcoming film… 214 more words


JG Original: "Devour The Competition" with Chef Tim Lopez of the Philadelphia Eagles - Week 12, Chicago Bears Pt. 1

“Devour the Competition” has become a weekly favorite among the Philadelphia Eagles. Every week the chefs at the Novacare Complex cook up a dish inspired by the opposing team’s city. 166 more words


Fish Tank - Fall 2017 Entrepreneurs Show Off Their Businesses

At Fall 2017 Fish Tank, Spaceworks celebrated 10 businesses that developed new launch strategies through its Incubator training program. The entrepreneurs showcased skills from dance to film tech to lingerie design. 644 more words

Spaceworks Tacoma

The Best Ways to Describe Your Internship On Your Resume

As you may already know, internships are constructive and helpful experiences for every college student. Internships represent a way of collecting valuable connections. Internships also a great addition to your resume. 726 more words

Guest Blog

The Star (2017) Review



Within the bountiful religious tales of Christianity, no tale is more well-known, celebrated, and as poignant than the tale of the birth of Jesus Christ. 2 686 more words