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Spring Cleaning and Mentorship with Jonathan Williams of Chestnut Hill Cleaning Company

Spring is on its way and what better way to bring in the season with a good house cleaning haul! Now is the time more than ever to support black businesses, and keeping the wealth within the community. 1 235 ord igjen

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I wasn’t admitted. Now what?

Not receiving a letter of admission is hard. Rejection hurts. No matter what anyone will tell you, not being admitted to a college will hurt. Whether it was your dream college or a college you called your safety school, it will hurt. 872 ord igjen


The Neurologist

When Tenbit was a teenager, her family immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia. The political state of the country was uncertain and her dad wasn’t safe because he was a journalist. 969 ord igjen


Early Man (2018) Review


There’s been many styles of animation that many powerhouse studios have utilized over the years when crafting a cartoon animated feature film. 2 509 ord igjen


Geekly Review #225

Another week goes by and the beast from the East makes a comeback, peppering us with more snow – which means we should probably stay in and play games right? 1 025 ord igjen

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Inspiration to Reality

Comprehending all the content within our World Wide Web is unfathomable but below are three gorgeous websites which have influenced the creation of my own: 225 ord igjen