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That one big step

From discovering a breathtaking scenery to running into a rock filled with ancient history, going places and exploring them was always something I’ve wanted to be doing. 836 more words


Different interior design styles

I like to thing of the home as one big blank canvas. It’s there for the taking for you to change, colour and adapt whenever you feel. 180 more words



I am now back at work after my four month sabbatical.

I thought I would mind and have a real problem with returning, but I have reflected on what I have achieved while off, and have some plans going forward, so it’s not too bad. 375 more words


20 Questions with Kylie Garcia | Sincerely Dyjay

At this time, my guess for 20Q is my Best friend/Girlfriend/Twinkie/PatnerInCrime/Soul Sister, Kylie Siaani Nicole Lopez Garcia 💜 She asked me to do this for her since we are so bored right now 😂 So Yeah, Legoooo! 478 more words


Bear Comes Up To The Camping Family’s Tent And Ends Up Being Fed In A Cute Photoshoot

Most people would be shocked if a giant bear appeared at their camping site and started sniffing around. But not this Russian family! Yet, don’t just think anyone can scratch the bear’s ears if they are brave enough. 144 more words


The Lost Artifact

Beratus-ratus tahun lalu, jauh sebelum ekspansi bangsa Eropa ke timur bumi ini, di sebuah pulau di negeri nan jauh di sana, ada seorang Raja yang sangat kaya dan memiliki istri serta anak begitu banyak. 817 more words


1 Chronicles Chapter 1

The books of Chronicles are a record of the history from the creation of man to the time when the Jews were allowed to return to the promised land. 2 368 more words

The Old Testament