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Faith, Hope & Why Charity Never Faileth

Sufficient Hope

Hope is personal confidence and trust in the reality of God and the possibilities of Godhood.  A person’s hope increases when they learn, study, ponder and develop their love for  2 954 ord igjen

The importance of a church family

I am often get frustrated because I would love to attend church every Sunday and take that time to grow with a church community; hear a sermon among other worshipers and be with God in prayer; I think that time is something we should as be entitled to if that is something we wish to do on a Sunday morning.   779 ord igjen



Old friend, 

How many conversations have we had together?

And the thoughts I shared with you,

Only you know and you seemed to listen and understand,  75 ord igjen


Is Jesus the object of our faith?

Where should I put my faith?

  • In God?
  • In Jesus?
  • In the Holy Spirit?

Yes! Yes! And Yes!

Jesus challenges me to believe in Him and have faith. 227 ord igjen


Apparently it's a science!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently.  I actually started this post around four weeks ago now but it’s been a struggle to complete it.  It seems it’s difficult to write about something you’re not experiencing very much.   911 ord igjen


Message update - AUCS Convention 2018

Today wraps up the 2018 AUCS Convention and it was a glorious time in God’s presence

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God bless you


no, I'm not ok, but that's ok

a good friend asked. she could see that I wasn’t ok, as a good friend can when they look at your face and see you’re close to tears. 435 ord igjen