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How to Give Critics the Finger

Back in 2012, I wrote a book. It was an amazing experience. It seemed really hard but it also went by really quickly. It was part of the NaNoWriMo challenge. 471 ord igjen

British Comedy

A River Of Love Will Pour

We must look at the impact of our conditioning
If we are too untether ourselves from it
To find what is there prior to conditioning… 107 ord igjen


Can't fight the moonlight

It’s been a year!

Moonlight through the windows.

And moonlight through the fluffy clouds.


Berlin: The Opposite Is Also True

  • Helmut Newton’s Museum of Photography ©MTHerzog 

Having grown up mostly in megalopolises around the world as a privileged expat, I am a spoiled urban princess who thrives on the offerings of a multicultural city of millions where city bibles (i.e. 566 ord igjen


What is Truth? Part 2: Truth Defined

This is precisely the problem with the Correspondence theory of truth: it neglects existence and counts it a virtue to do so. I digress. To try to transcend yourself in pursuit of objective truth is precisely untruth. 1 429 ord igjen

Søren Kierkegaard

Salutări din Țara Orbilor

De unde transmitem live chiar în acest moment.

Am fost la Moromeții astăzi, singurică și cuminte cum numai bine îi șade unei alienate mizantroape cu 0 prieteni. 467 ord igjen