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Evil Continued...

I am afraid I might have missed a few things when talking about the existence of evil last time. I realized that any notion of good or evil is not simply one’s intentions, or at the other extreme, one’s actions. 347 ord igjen


Blog Theme: Wittgenstein and 'Going the Bloody Hard Way'

The ‘little grey door’ blog by Yen had a helpful little post on Jame Conant’s chapter «On Going the Bloody Hard Way in Philosophy» in  903 ord igjen

rovik. watches: bojack horseman

I’ve not written a TV review before, mainly because I can hardly anticipate when they’re truly over. Also if I was to review every TV show I’ve watched, this blog’s constitution may change quite drastically. 1 022 ord igjen


Late breakfast//early lunch near Gwakji Beach (10:10 a.m.)

The next in my series Yoon Yong. In the previous poem, I used the word, malbok. Malbok is a word for the final, intensely hot days of August & the passing of Summer into Autumn. 384 ord igjen


Authenticity, God, and Identity Crisis

People of spiritual commitment often, if not most of the time, come to the point in their life when their faith needs to be cast aside.  286 ord igjen

Poetry And Prose

Other People

Other People

What a problem. Other people.
Other people are not you.
Other people might see red when you see blue.
Some other people may prove bad for you. 147 ord igjen

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd

Documentary - Being in the World

Dasein explained by Martin Heidegger is the Being thrown out into this world, to be in the world and interact with it after acknowledging it by our perceptions, but what is it that drives humans through education, arts, science, and reasoning? 198 ord igjen