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Demy shows no limits on her new track Orio Kanena!

Back in 2017, we saw Greek goddess Demy take to the Eurovision stage with her ballad turn pop track This is Love, which although failed to reach the Top 10, still remained a firm favourite with the fans. 139 ord igjen


Eurovision is a religion

After years of service at the altar of Eurovision, I finally made the leap (?) and started a Eurovision blog. The odds of anybody reading this are low, and the odds of this being used as evidence in any upcoming criminal trials that I may face are…astronomical. 88 ord igjen


Austria: Snow Way This Won't Qualify

The title of Cesár Sampson’s Eurovision entry has been known ever since he was revealed as Austria’s representative for 2018 all the way back in December. 432 ord igjen

2018 Eurovision Reviews - Malta

Earlier in the Eurovision national selection season, Malta held their national final to decide who would represent the island nation at Eurovision this year, and quite unanimously the jury and the televoters decided that it would finally be Christabelle’s turn to take on Eurovision with her song Taboo. 611 ord igjen


Albania releases Revamp of Eurovision Entry ‘Mall’

Rewind back to 2017, where we watched Albania select their winning Festivali i Këngës song, which would go on to represent Albania at Eurovision this year. 146 ord igjen


Dear Future Me

It’s Friday!! Thank God for small mercies: two days stretch ahead of me, and neither of them involve going to school: a relief, I would say, in itself. 766 ord igjen


Style The Beat: Fab Music Videos No. 1

Here is a half a dozen recent music video that made me go wow-now re: their fashion styling. What do y’all think?! Who else should I be checking out?! 229 ord igjen