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No sooner than Raqqa falls, Iraq looks ready for another war

While the world hailed the fall of Raqqa to US-backed militias, the prospect of another war is emerging in the region. Most of the troops of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces entering Raqqa on Tuesday were Kurdish. 8 more words


Inflation in the UK twice as high as in the Eurozone

The pound’s devaluation has pushed British inflation to five-year highs, double the rate in the Eurozone. Running at 3% in September, the British inflation rate puts pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates amidst decelerating growth. 8 more words


Austria's Green leaders step down following election failure

Green party leaders, Ulrike Lunacek and Ingrid Felipe, stepped down Tuesday, following catastrophic election results. The party didn’t make it into the Austrian parliament after receiving only 3.8% in Sunday’s vote. 6 more words


London – St Martin within Ludgate

As well as Boswell (previous post), there are quite a few literary connections to St Martins within Ludgate, including with Charles Dickens and Shakespeare.
In “Little Dorritt”, Arthur Clenham, sitting in a coffee house on Ludgate Hill on Sunday evening, hears the church bells ring out. 57 more words


Icelandic journalists protest ban on reporting PM's finances

The Reykjavik district commissioner, on Monday, has prohibited Icelandic media outlets reporting on the financial dealings of prime minister Bjarni Benediktsson and his family with the collapsed Glitnir bank in the run-up to Iceland’s economic collapse in 2008. 6 more words


UK to begin registering EU nationals by end of 2018

UK home secretary Amber Rudd told MPs that the registration of three million EU nationals living in Britain will begin by the end of next year, the Guardian reports. 24 more words


Beyond Brexit: The Impact of Leaving the EU on the Youth Work Sector

A challenging piece from Annette and Sinéad on at least two levels.

  1. Our own ‘is the tide turning?’ discussion paper ignores Brexit. Why?
  2. They continue to suggest that many of us, despite our claim to be reimagining the future, …
  3. 132 more words
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