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Week 9: Pizza, Practice and Group Knitting

Happy October everybody. No, I don’t know how we got here either.

Monday 1st October 2018

Today was a productive day to start off a surprisingly productive week. 1 239 ord igjen


Santa Just An Elevator?

Universally known as the one method of transport that can’t be used to escape a fire, the elevator (since 1853,) has allowed for a gravity defying experience akin to flying enabling; the bankers of Canary Wharf, the residents of the tallest towers and of course, the tourists of Lisbon to reach vertigo inducing heights. 476 ord igjen


Feeling homesick and getting used to being alone


Every Sunday I’m going to do a sort of weekly round up or update here, it’ll be a bit different every week, and I’ll include things like a new phrase I’ve learnt this week or something exciting that happened, but I’ll try to have some sort of general theme running throughout the post each time. 1 053 ord igjen


Fever, aerial bombing and touristing

I’m back, still alive! Over the past three weeks I gained, among other things, first-hand knowledge of the French healthcare system and some more book wisdom about military strategy. 761 ord igjen

Personal Life

Erasmus Diary - One Week in

So I’m in Prague!! It’s so strange to think that I’m actually here, after all the planning and choosing and organizing and everything. I’m here. 1 779 ord igjen


George Ezra Live in Frankfurt

It’s no exaggeration when I say that George Ezra’s latest album was the soundtrack of my spring and summer. It was often my main source of motivation during revision for my second-year exams and in late May my friend Lizzie and I, knowing that we’d be studying in the close-by city of Mannheim, booked tickets to see him perform live in Frankfurt in October. 386 ord igjen


10.12.18 Cuisine for Healing

Last Friday I had the opportunity to Lunch with some amazing Fort Worth Ladies that all work in healthcare and provide encouragement, networking, and support for each other. 310 ord igjen

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