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Someone else's tears

Is it possible to cry someone else’s tears?  To feel their pain so intensely, and so personally, that the tears you shed for them are literally being shed… 328 ord igjen


Men's Relationship Woes

One of the posts just a few days ago brought me back to a topic I had been thinking about writing on.  That post was from Morgan2205 titled, “ 1 610 ord igjen


Flying Less From Fear

In my dreams I see a dragon flying,
It is going in a circle around a high brick wall.
My dragon comes close like it is planning to crash then stops, 205 ord igjen


First Friday of Summer!

Good morning and happy Friday y’all! I hope you had a pleasant week and I know you must be looking forward to the weekend!! I want to wish you a wonderful day and remind you to stay cool as you can in the summer’s unrelenting heat! 269 ord igjen


Dreams and anger

I do not miss you.
i miss the feeling of family,
and coming home to someone who loved me.
that sense of wholeness
from my picket white fence dream. 27 ord igjen


A Frontier To Explore

The newest studies show that suicide is on the rise in every corner of America. This month alone has been punctuated by the self inflicted deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, two celebrities who appeared to have it all. 1 196 ord igjen


Why customer emotions matter

Emotions have a big role in the decisions we make.

Our brains work by taking in information about the world, processing it, and responding in appropriate ways. 345 ord igjen

Customer Experience