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India GDP Growth Rate

In India, the growth rate in GDP measures the change in the seasonally adjusted value of the goods and services produced by the Indian economy during the quarter. 207 ord igjen


China Turns Off 'Zero Trust"


Expanding on the Pavlovian, Good Citizen – treat, Bad Citizen – Shock, monitoring system planned for the entire population, the Chinese state developed an advanced artificial intelligence system to root out corruption in governmental offices. 679 ord igjen

How the EU Failed Italy

An important short read on how Italy’s domestic politics came to be.

The European Union has failed Italy because promised solidarity in taking in immigrants reaching Europe through Mediterranean routes hardly materialized.

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Mockery works: “lo spread”

In other words, Italy’s leaders have discovered what so many Italians realized long ago: Mockery is a powerful tool, particularly when applied to the European Union’s rigid rules.

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Real Estate Market Alerts: The Best Places for Short-Term Rentals

Want to run a short-term rental? You’re more likely to succeed if it’s in one of these ZIP codes.. via NYT Real Estate https://nyti.ms/2X4mXok

Australian Politics - How The Labor Party Will Clobber The Economy

By Andrew Bolt ~

Terry McCrann  says attacking the Labor Party’s franking tax credits grab is  taking the focus off the bigger problem:

Where I suggest it might be helping Labor is in taking the focus off the broader policy package — just how massively destructive for the economy is what Labor proposes, via what is both an unprecedented very widespread tax grab and a major instantaneous whack to the economy.

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Public Opinion

Shut Up and Take My Money!

I had an unexpected bill for a charge I initially disputed. No one likes receiving unexpected bills for hundreds of dollars, and I was not about to simply accept the charges, and so I called one of the various phone numbers that was provided. 530 ord igjen