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Hard at Work

Its been a little while since I have posted anything and that’s for a number of reasons, firstly I’ve had nothing of significance to show, and secondly I took the family on a trip to London for some hard earned rest. 19 more words


Indie game development: 80-20 formula !

We have recently completed our first 3D project Mrityu – the terrifying maze. We received a lot of positive and some negative feedbacks. Overall we are happy with our efforts and outcome (considering that it was our first 3D project & budget constraints) 476 more words

Case Study

Update June 17

A few images I’ve been working on recently. Starting to get to grips with Adobe Lightroom. It’s quickly becoming an invaluable tool and part of my process. 35 more words



There are several places within the application in which the use of Debug::assert validates access to code – an example is attached and the validations more or less indicates as follows….. 40 more words


Math 101

Can you add and subtract?

In the war for talent there are so many top ten lists and theories about engagement it’s hard to keep it all straight. 481 more words


Str contains numeric value

Ever come across the need to validate if a str only contains numbers – this method can be added to the Global class with the str-methods.