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AI key to unlocking ‘more-human customer experience’ in Banking:

It sounds counter- intuitive. Using artificial intelligence to generate a more human customer experience in banking.

But according to Accenture and their recent report, ‘Accenture Banking Technology Vision 2017’, bankers believe AI will “revolutionise the way they gather information and interact with customers”. 58 more words

Customer Management

Brand Watch: [MADE] Store & Gallery

Happy bank holiday Friday one and all!

So this Brand Watch post is going back again to my Irish roots, discussing the wondering Store and Gallery which is located on the top floor of Powerscourt Centre in Dublin City. 299 more words


Leesa Evans on Styling Amy Schumer and Costuming ‘Snatched’

“We were all going to the beach, and kayaking and paddle boarding,» says Leesa Evans. «It was great to have that island lifestyle for a little while.” 467 more words


3Novices:Sculptural extension to French farmhouse protects interiors from harsh summer sun

Paris studio Dixneufcentquatrevingtsix has created this faceted concrete extension with just a small collection of openings scattered across its facades for a traditional farmhouse in… 491 more words


Production report 17

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A variety of inspiration was taken in order to design this battle armour:

While taking inspiration from other fictional armour designs I also thought to myself- «Where did this designer take inspiration from to design this?» 170 more words

Final Major Project