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Making From Ourself

When we make something, its selfness, its possible soul, is part and parcel of our own self.

— Christopher Alexander, The Nature of Order – Book 4: The Luminous Ground (source)

Mit fine hjemmebyggede kaninbur

Jeg har længe gerne ville vise mit fine kaninbur frem, som jeg selv lavede for nogle år tilbage, og i weekenden fik jeg taget disse billeder. 166 more words


Kitchen Cabinets and Bath Design Winter Park, Florida

We got it! Finally, the Dove colored door we have been waiting for, this door style meets our designer’s expectations: Shaker Dove! Call us for more information 407-622-2062 #Cabinets #Cabinetry #1to1Cabinets #Orlando #Florida #Countertops #Cabinets #WoodCabinets #DoorStyles #Sinks

Knight in Shining Armor

Every princess needs her prince. I’m imagining a golden boy from a neighboring land who has come to court the princess and future queen. Males are much harder for me to draw, the proportions don’t make that much sense to me. 21 more words

Pencil Drawing


A low haze rolls over the dewy landscape. Long blades of grass sway unsteadily in the soft breeze; weak sunlight pierces the rugged sky. Its rays illuminating flickering silhouettes dancing on the rock face. 51 more words