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There are times when all the excitement of life takes a backseat, and leaves us sour only with our despair, existentialism & unticked To-do lists. These days can be hard…but remember, all you need to do is, take a step back. 112 ord igjen

Non Fiction

If you want to be average, then keep following the crowd. If you want to be amazing, then go against the grain!

via Don’t Be Average — Orlando Espinosa…

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Unashamed of a Name.

Today taught me a lot about how the shame that I carry can hinder growth in another person’s faith. And in turn, how releasing that shame and witnessing the other person’s heart be touched, my faith as well could swell and my heart could be made full. 1 557 ord igjen



Today’s reminder was that of the reckless love of God, His choosing of us, and His definition of pricelessness. We had a girl’s night where I live with other staff and interns; one girl chose the movie Priceless. 930 ord igjen


Effect & Impact.

Today’s reminder was that of the impact of prayer, no matter the circumstances. The moment of joy came from a time of prayer on Tuesday night – a moment of dope dealers and hopeful believers talking over a bag of chips. 1 036 ord igjen


Peace in Chaos.

Today’s reminder was that of God’s peace in the midst of chaos. Today held uncertain circumstances and troubling burdens. God reminded me that His peace is ever-present and His grace is sufficient. 1 556 ord igjen

Personal Blog

Speaking a Foreign Language

I love personality tests. I love to see how each person ticks and how God created them to work, learn and love. Each person having their own language in the way they perceive life. 653 ord igjen

Daily Reminders