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New Paper: 1,407 Continental U.S. Temperature Stations Reveal NO WARMING TREND During 1901-2015

The Warming ‘Hole’ Myth

Non-Warming Regions Are More Rule Than Exception 

Earlier this month, the authors of a new paper (Partridge et al., 2018… 1 181 ord igjen

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Jordan Peterson: Making Me Laugh

Taking a fresh look at some fundamental moral ideas.

via Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

February 19, 2018 at 05:07AM

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The Week's Drivers in 4 Key Numbers

  • 2743 in the S&P 500
  • 3% on 10-year US yield
  • $1.26 in the Euro
  • Final January EMU CPI
  • 1 955 ord igjen
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Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant

Claims defy parody, as alarmists become more tyrannical and their policies wreak havoc

Guest opinion by Paul Driessen

Climate alarmism dominated the Obama era and run-up to Paris. 1 316 ord igjen

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‘First hint’ of a puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO

‘The salinity puzzle’ – something new for climate theorists to ponder and debate. Here they still refer to ‘heat-trapping’ gases, having ignored or forgotten about convection. 425 ord igjen

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Science : UHI And El Nino Caused by CO2

Our top climate experts have determined that the recent El Nino and Urban Heat Island effects in large cities over the past 30 years were caused by CO2 emissions. 149 ord igjen

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