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Acro yoga + connection

I am 1 week away from completing my first Acro Yoga term. I love it sick! My Acro Yoga Teacher Nirvana Pilkington is amazing! Nirvana is teaching us about acro yoga which combines acrobatics, Thai massage and yoga and the key lesson I have learned is the importance of connecting and calibrating! 344 ord igjen


Sliding Doors


I have been writing in my journal less lately, just once a day. It hasn’t been intentional. I just have less on my mind to get out on paper. 295 ord igjen


Nobody Left Out

We are excited to announce plans for a new project called Nobody Left Out.

This will take place in Birmingham and we intend to provide free one-to-one literacy and communication support sessions to anyone who needs it in Birmingham. 270 ord igjen


The Gift of Honor

Thirty years ago, as a father of three young children, I looked for anything I could find that would help me become a better parent. I came across a book written by Gary Smalley and John Trent, … 1 094 ord igjen


3 Ways To Rebound From A Bad Week At Work

Hello! The Better at Work series is back, this time looking at how you can bounce back when you haven’t had the best time at work. 294 ord igjen