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Hello again! Well, I said I’d post my Black Panther vlog on Monday, and lo and behold, it’s Monday, so I’m posting it. Enjoy.

What did you think about the movie? 20 ord igjen


Comic-Con: Bringing Comic Lovers and More Together since 1970

ComicCon is a very well-known convention for comic book lovers alike to mingle and talk about their passions. Popular conventions, such as the San Diego International ComicCon, has been held annually since 1970. 412 ord igjen

Holy Star Wars Episode 16: Chewbacca, Elephant Graveyards, and Loss!

Holy Star Wars! Episode 16. Join us as we discuss the theme of Loss one last time through Marvel Comic’s Chewbacca mini-series and the myth of Elephant Graveyards. 134 ord igjen


Crisis on Earth-X Part 2 (SPOILERS)

Picking up off from the last part, we see Prometheus of Earth-X being captured by our heroes from across all of the series. It is soon revealed that he is Tommy Merlin from the first couple of season of Arrow. 276 ord igjen


The Lost Path Book Review

Amélie’s art and illustrations are really gorgeous, magical, and so intricately created that I could stare and marvel at it the whole day. The illustrations vary in style and color from full-colored pages to black and white. 113 ord igjen


Comics from Around the Galaxy March 21 2018

It’s time for another week in comics from around the galaxy! Let’s see what the galaxy far far away has in store for us this week. 448 ord igjen

Star Wars