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#DeliaAtSammy : #CineFilipino 2018 : #TheKneeJerkCritic Movie Review

Iisa na nga ang napanood ko sa CineFilipino, late pa ang review. Anong klase ba naman ako? Napapaka-inconsistent ko naman! Syet me! I bash myself!!! 857 ord igjen

Knee-jerk Critic

The story of a perturbing dawn

When the government of India launched the “swachh bharat abhiyan”, I neglected it deeming it to be some attention seeking move by a power-hungry politician filling up their vote bank, but a few months back an incident made me reconsider my harsh and hasty opinion. 1 412 ord igjen


Book Club (2018)

I don’t know what it is, but this movie was hilarious. Maybe it was the entire cast, maybe it was the subject matter, or maybe it was just the chemistry of the characters and their stories. 307 ord igjen


One Punch Man--Episodes 1-12 Review

Bald is Beautiful! And so is this anime!

The time has come for me. I have arrived.

Yes, Anniemeniacs, I have finally watched One Punch Man.

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“Someone's Gotta Say It”: Dark humour in Key & Peele, and Dave Chappelle

“Communication and laughter is one of the only weapons we have against the evils of the world» – Jordan Peele

Comedy sketch duo Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key first began their award-winning show…

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Review: Liz Callaway

This award-winning singer / actress has a muscular Broadway soprano, and she can deliver both hair-raising high notes and detailed, fully-acted musical storytelling. Her current act at Feinstein’s / 54 Below, is a love letter to the women who have inspired her called A Hymn to Her. 302 ord igjen


Books (and authors and characters) I love!

Over on Facebook the awesome Courtney Cannon posted this little book meme that took my fancy. I loved this one so much that I decided to make it into a blog post rather than just one on Facebook. 329 ord igjen