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Oh, Canada

Realizing I could easily write an essay on our recent trip to Canada, I decided you might be more apt to read it, if it was described in pictures. 290 ord igjen

City Exploring

Touring Downtown Chicago

Even thought we live fairly close to Chicago, we don’t come as a family to explore as much as you would think. It ends up being more of a mom and dad escape destination. 401 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018

The Mall of America

We spent this really hot day exploring the Mall of America. The fun part of this place is all the really unique stores you can find. 186 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018

Huge donuts and lots of jumping

We left North Dakota behind for a short drive to Minneapolis today. We have enjoyed amazing mountain weather for the last month, so the wall of heat that hit us today was a total shock to our system. 218 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018

Canyons and Rodeos

Did I mention that Yellowstone was huge!?

We slept in and headed back into the park where our goal for the day was to head into the Mountains of Yellowstone. 464 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018

Oregon Trail and food trucks

We had the best two night stay at an AirBnB in the Portland area. We had an entire basement in the house of a retired couple. 409 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018

Home sweet stadium

I guess we adjusted to Pacific time, because we all slept until 9 am today, except Steve who is always up before 7:30.

Thanks to our marathon exploring yesterday, we were able to only have 2 things on our agenda today. 388 ord igjen

Summer Road Trip 2018