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Oregon Trail and food trucks

We had the best two night stay at an AirBnB in the Portland area. We had an entire basement in the house of a retired couple. 409 ord igjen

City Exploring

Home sweet stadium

I guess we adjusted to Pacific time, because we all slept until 9 am today, except Steve who is always up before 7:30.

Thanks to our marathon exploring yesterday, we were able to only have 2 things on our agenda today. 388 ord igjen

City Exploring

Exploring the Seattle area

Today was a perfect example of how we love to explore a city.

We crowdsourced travel friends, we stalked Instagram for famous sights, we planned a route on the map and after sleeping in. 966 ord igjen

City Exploring

You can’t skip over Sioux Falls!

We are going to see so amazing things on this trip.  Some of America’s most beautiful sites, historical places and stunning vistas.  But today, was more of America’s heartland.  214 ord igjen

City Exploring

3 Days in Antigua, Guatemala

We left the lake and headed for Antigua, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site just two hours or so away.

I was immediately struck by how clean and colorful the cobblestone city is. 549 ord igjen


Singapore holidays for 12 days. What to do?

12 days in Singapore with 2 teenagers. What to do?

Some have argued that it is a very long time to spend in a city with not many touristic activities. 2 191 ord igjen

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Singapore holidays: looking for the old and finding the new.

I have just returned from a family holiday in Singapore. It was a special trip, a pilgrimage you could say, as this is where Terry and I met 30 years ago. 2 710 ord igjen

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