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Socinianism, Arianism Created Christadelphians

The creation of Belgian Bible students and Christadelphians came by way of the Commandments of men known as Arians and Socinians.

Jesus Himself called that type of worship vain. 325 ord igjen


The Christadelphian Eternal Home

Who exactly are the Christadelphians? More importantly what do they believe? I have a very interesting article for you today and you can link to it here. 277 ord igjen


The Holy Spirit is a Person NOT a Force

Belgian Bible students and Christadelphians are on the edge of blaspheming the spirit by suggesting that the Holy Spirit is not a Person but a force. 334 ord igjen


"Thus Says the Lord" ABUSE

Today in nearly all Ministries in the Pentecostal faith, Oneness Pentecostal, Extreme Prophetic Movement, the Elijah List, the Restored Church of God all abuse Thus saith the Lord. 128 ord igjen


The Godhead

Belgian Bible students and Christadelphians discern Christ as being a created being. They believe the holy spirit is a force. I think they’ve been watching too many Star Wars movies. 99 ord igjen


How Many Churches have Unpaid Pastors?

The Apostle Paul did not have a paid Ministry. He was a tentmaker by day and canvassed at night for the Lord. Paul said, when I preach I may present the gospel of Jesus Christ without charge so that I will not abuse my authority In the gospel and that is found in First Corinthians 9:18. 103 ord igjen


Christadelphians / Islamic Similarities?

Are Christadelphians more similar to Islam then to Christianity? They believe in one God and reject the Triune godhead. WHOSOEVER TRANSGRESSES AND DOES NOT ABIDE IN THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST DOES NOT HAVE GOD- 2nd John 9. 45 ord igjen