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6 Reasons You Should be Talking About Artoons

by María Magdalena Ziegler D.

Laughing if the best of remedies (or so they say). In any case, laughter is free but sometimes hard to crack. 162 more words


Ten More Days!

Ten more days of the Daily Blog Posting Challenge. Anyway, I don’t and won’t often make this blog my soap box for personal propaganda, but this is pretty important to anyone who has a blog, or YouTube channel, or website, or really anyone who spends time on the internet. 89 more words

What should your guests bring?

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Harley Quinn animated series in the works!

Deadline have revealed that a Harley Quinn animated series is in the works for DC’s digital direct-to-consumer service. They have ordered 26 half-hour episodes which will be aimed at the adult market. 19 more words


I Love My Car

I’ve driven my poor subaru on all kinds of shady roads–BUT never off-road.  Always stay on the road, otherwise you may disturb archaeological sites.


Five of the Darkest Cartoon Theories

Cartoons were a big part of my childhood, letting me escape to a world beyond my life and indulging in many adventures I could never have.  1 541 more words