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I decided to hop around and see how the cartoonists are handling things this week.  Y’know, it’s odd that we can still manage to find humour in the atrocities our government is inflicting on us every day, but … I guess in order to maintain some degree of sanity, we must find something to laugh about, yes? 261 ord igjen

Political Commentary

Jonny Quest, Boy Adventurer

An important figure in the Hanna-Barbera animation lineup, Jonny Quest ended up going for more realism and characterization. Based around comic book stylization and a grittier atmosphere Jonny Quest and the rest of the Quest gang traveled around the world exploring ancient Egyptian tombs, tropical islands, and the mysterious Andean plateaus of South America. 1 214 ord igjen



I know he’s title character and all, but do we need Scooby in the Scooby gang? I mean, he’s just Shaggy, except a dog. Think. Have they ever disagreed on anything? 41 ord igjen


Gucci Gang Gucci Gang

This cartoon ran in an interview between myself and Rope Press ran by my brother Reece, they are a risograph printers and publish and support artists with initiatives and whatnot. 97 ord igjen

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