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I don't know why this is title "Travel Blog," but it made me laugh my ass off.

A Few Days With Charlie Brown - Wednesday

Many times it’s not only the people who have left the planet we miss, but the ones we don’t see who are still here. It’s okay to hug them in our dreams but a real life hug would be so much more satisfying. 18 more words

Off-Camera Baby In The Corner

To explain why the White House has started holding press briefings «off camera,» the very svelte Steve Bannon said, «Sean got fatter.» While Spicy is indeed a chunky monkey, nobody actually believes Bannon’s hypocritical fat-shaming explanation. 1 128 more words

Cucumber - Canadian TV Show

After mentioning TVO in my last TV feature about Doctor Snuggles, I immediately knew I had to write (and do some more research) on another show I usually watched on that channel: … 617 more words


One and Only Tournament This Summer

It’s time for something other than a quote I suppose. . . . The boys chose to not play baseball this summer, and over all that has probably been a good decision. 138 more words