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Coffeeshop Savage

People aren’t really addicted to coffee this much, this is just a joke. Right?

. . . Right? -BW


Cancelling your service. Easier than ever. #customerservice

Customer service. What’s left to say? We know!
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The Ninja Seals start their low-budget internet show

The Ninja Seals start their low-budget internet show!

I wonder what it will be about?

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Drawn by: Joe Yang


My Life With Gracie...The Gift Of Dreams

Lately my chickens haven’t been laying as many eggs as usual. This is their molting season, starting with Gracie and Bessie and now Amelia. It’s just a part of another one of those cycles making up the pattern of chicken life. 525 ord igjen

Backyard Chickens

Saturday Morning Cartoons #34: Neogenic Nightmare, Part 7

And so we begin another chapter of the Neogenic Nightmare, true believers! In the last episode, we encountered a blood sucking vampire that couldn’t actually suck blood. 731 ord igjen