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C. V. Dwiggins: An Illustrator of Fitzgerald’s Rubaiyat

Joe Howard has sent us the following fascinating article about yet another undocumented illustrator of FitzGerald’s Rubaiyat.   It shows that there is still more to be discovered about the wide ranging impact of Khayyam’s verses and their English translation.  675 ord igjen

Trump's Message From Parkland

There are going to be howls from conservatives who find this cartoon tasteless but won’t see anything wrong with Donald Trump using the school shooting in Parkland, Florida to attack the FBI and deflect from his collusion with Russia. 843 ord igjen

More desi than thou

Enjoyed illustrating the two tongue-in-cheek articles for the Sunday Herald a couple of months back. They were on how, it’s now high fashion to rediscover our roots. 13 ord igjen

Hipster Kindle

I’ve been pulling out my Kindle more often of late. So many advantages, especially when it comes to getting my hands on Advanced Review Copies to read.

Anyone else love their Kindle?

Tyson Adams