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Living out my dreams

There are yachts in the harbour

There are boats on the sea

From my vantage point

Of the beautiful quay

I see the multitudes of life passing by… 108 ord igjen


Sharp edges

We get cut sometimes

On the sharp edges of life

We feel hurt in our mind

More than we do our bodies

Beaten and battered… 173 ord igjen


Comfort in our own skin

Are we comfortable in our own skin

Do we understand fully where we end and begin

Do we recognise the source of all being

Are we all working towards a happy ending… 184 ord igjen



This journey I’ve been on?  I haven’t been doing a very good job of documenting it.

I haven’t told you everything that’s been going on. 1 687 ord igjen



There are so many places in the world and the grass is always greener. If we are lucky and live in rich countries with professional jobs, or live simply, we can migrate to many new countries for work. 241 ord igjen


A fine line between Good and Evil

«一念成魔, 一念成佛»  — A fine line between good and Evil

Today, I heard a story made me think of this phrase.

I know a senior citizen who is obsessed with Buddhism. 420 ord igjen

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