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Rocking chair

Yesterday morning, 1-23-19, my THIRD eye opened, again, while laying down in bed, and when it did, very briefly, I saw a man, an elderly man, white hair and all, sitting in a rocking chair looking at what looked like to be a 13” inch television set sitting on top of a dresser.  69 ord igjen


46. Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saws

Four more pages of «The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator.» In this segment, Virtual Man, unproven but undaunted wanna-be superhero prepares for a re-match with a «Rocket-Powered Flying Robot Buzz Saw.» Last time he didn’t come off so well, trying to combat the infernal device with «super-denial,» which also seems to be one of President Trump’s superpowers, at least in regard to climate change. 219 ord igjen

Comic Books

I’ve never been this prepared before

I’ve not said much about it, but I’m headed out on another globe-trekking adventure.

Destination: Nepal!

Reason: so many, but as a practicing Vajrayana Buddhist, I will be there for Losar (Tibetan lunar new year). 185 ord igjen


Zen vs Chan: Similarities & Differences

If you Google, «What’s the difference between Zen Buddhism and Chan Buddhism?» the most common answer is, «The name.»

That’s not quite right, and it lowered my loving-kindness meter by a few points. 1 069 ord igjen


A Religion of Sorts

In remembrance of Mary Oliver

We’ve got to run our bones
All over earth
To appease our basic nature.
Our life blood flows
By movement, 232 ord igjen


Eightfold Path Simplified

Have you tried to understand or follow the eightfold path? Have you succeeded? After following the path myself, studying buddhism ardently, and arriving at a solid confidence in the path due to the results I’ve achieved, I can’t help but wonder if some simple steps would have led me to the goal of the path sooner. 1 366 ord igjen


I’m adrift again. Although I have managed to keep up my mediation practice I am feeling disconnected from the Dhamma and almost hopeless. Strange, but I feel that the sudden detente I am experiencing with my wife has sapped much of the strength of my practice. 50 ord igjen