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Never Become the Story

By all accounts, The New York Times (NYT) is a wonderful newspaper – excellent journalists and usually staunch supporters of verifying truth over perception and innuendo. 491 ord igjen

Do No Harm

Seasons of love

Autumn arrived. Officially starts tomorrow but yesterday I has a short skirt, no tights, short sleeves. I think I said goodbye to summer in a nice way: spent one hour at the river, in the chilly air, watching the sunset while listening to music, while trying to quiet my mind down. 1 109 ord igjen

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How to Release Emotions Stuck in Your Body and Let Go of the Pain - Tiny Buddha

Unprocessed emotions get stored in our organs, muscles, and tissues. They lead to inflammation, chronic health problems, and emotional imbalance.
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My Thoughts

Alien autopsy rescue.

Post Script: the Jupiter Pearl of a mom let me keep it as a memento and it is in my room. Love that Jupiter Pearl. 💚


Panpsychism, could it really be true?

Have you ever wondered how or where consciousness arises? I have and «Pan what?» was my first question when a good friend mentioned to me in conversation that what I was actually describing to him had already been theorised hundreds of years ago. 1 388 ord igjen


Healthcare-choices and changes

There’s an old chinese saying that means that we continue to learn even when we grow old…

The first truth…

Being sick is suffering… growing old is suffering… 404 ord igjen

Health Psychology