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The Loneliness of Being Foreign

A glazed and blank stare.
Shrinking behind his eyes.
Afraid.  Frozen.
Hoping we’d leave.

My mom had asked a man in Chinatown a question, and this was his response.   780 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts

Don’t Worry, HA!

One step at a time is much easier said than done. Especially when you have responsibilities. You may have other people you need or have to take care of kids, parents, other loved ones, etc. 375 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts


The first 3 days, weeks, months, years

I’ve been told that I’m admired for relocating. That friends and family are oh so very proud of me. 282 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts

What is your addiction...

What is your addiction to social media? Is it a high to see how much attention you can get? Is it a way to ease reality so you don’t have to focus on it? 224 ord igjen

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Single, Independent, & Unavailable

I, for one, am tired of single independent women catching such a bad wrap. She is single, and independent doesn’t mean she is unavailable. Have you taken a moment and asked that independent woman if she needs help? 177 ord igjen

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What does Faith feel like?

It feels like the motivation to get up in the morning and start work. It feels like a hot cup of coffee. It feels like peace knowing that you ’re working and doing things for the right reasons. 139 ord igjen

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Does money trump love?

Life is not about love, it’s about money. Let’s just face it, Money makes the world go round. Right? Thus making people go round too. Being that everything in this world is based on money, many people have placed a value on things that have nothing to do with money. 487 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts