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No, I'm not entirely excited.

“You must really like Norway if you are going back.”
“You must be so excited!”
“Do you love Norway?”

Whenever we tell people we are headed back to Norway they usually say something along those lines to us — why else would we be leaving our Colorado home, families and friends? 655 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts

My Struggle with Daycare

(By Brooke)

I always knew I’d be a stay-at-home Mom.  My mom, grandma, aunts—all of them were stay at home moms.  They all loved it, recommended it and I thought it was the only way.  818 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts

The First Year!

One of the things I teach in my book is that you should plan for the first five years of business. This should include to not live off of your income for the first five years. 542 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts

Desire, dedication & determination

Desire: to long or to hope for; to exhibit or feel desire for; to express a wish for.
Dedication: devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose: given over to a particular purpose… 675 ord igjen
Brooke's Thoughts

“Listen to Me”

Listen to Me, God said. Today I went on an interview, the interview went well until the last question. Then I bombed a test that I should have aced. 316 ord igjen

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I’m sure you have all applied for a job and received a rejection letter saying they have decided to pursue another candidate. At that moment, you felt unqualified. 298 ord igjen

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                As I dwell in this time of strife and continue to hold on, I carefully assess relationships. This includes business, personal, and affiliations. Times of strife has always been a time for me to check myself and those that I allow into my mind and heart. 330 ord igjen

Brooke's Thoughts