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I distinctly remember saying that I

had a shot of where it was..

after taking this photo.

What’s not there is…

this Kalahari Scrub Robin… 23 ord igjen


Day Twenty-Seven - African Home Sweet Home

I’m back in Maun! Back at the cottage even. It definitely feels like my African home at this point.

Nicole and I got in with loads of time for her to catch her flight out of Maun, and once she was safely tucked into a Taxi headed for the airport I started the twenty minute slog ‘home’. 371 ord igjen

Africa And Cuba 2018

I Am Laone: My Experience with Race and Identity in Botswana

I met her at the soccer field next to the primary school. She stared at me with big, bright eyes. “You are China and lekgoa… 303 ord igjen


Review: The Colors of All the Cattle

November 16, 2018

Where are my faithful readers of this series?!

The Colors of All the Cattle by Alexander McCall Smith

Genre/Categories: Gentle Mystery, Amateur Sleuths, Botswana… 1 543 ord igjen



Assorted tails…

South Africa….

Kruger National Park…



No zoo tails here.


November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations:  Tails


A Mighty Baobab Has Fallen.

Have you ever had someone who grounded you to your childhood other than parents, or siblings? I did. His name was Thomas Mathew, but who we referred to as Baby Uncle. 439 ord igjen


Grief and Its Guests

Can the phrases ‘let go’ and ‘letting go’ only be confined to the act of one’s hand opening to release their grip on something they were holding on to? 964 ord igjen