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Weekend Reading

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to focus on reading this book. At times, it seems that as soon as I sat down with the book I was needed. 578 ord igjen


EXPECTO PATRONUM Strictly Geek’s Guide to Patronus- The Weasley's

I would make you a cup of tea/coffee or a glass of juice to read this with, but I assume you’ll be finished by the time I make it to your house! 710 ord igjen


Recommended Reads: Nonfiction Books On Writing

I am a rabid reader of nonfiction in nearly any form. One day my teenage daughter caught me with a 1800s history book on a county in Iowa and commented ‘ 909 ord igjen


Book 26: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

The romance and romantic comedy genres have a lot to offer. They explore a lot of themes that are common to everyone—and I’m not actually talking about the theme of romantic love, because aromantic people exist. 1 605 ord igjen


The Day Amazon Murdered History - a video summary

It is hilarious, as one commenter wrote, that Amazon offers for sale a book (ISBN: 978-1-59148-197-3) that slams it for its mass book banning in early March, 2017!  317 ord igjen


Announcement: I'm releasing an ebook!

I’m excited to announce that the blogger behind Thoughts and Thank Yous will be releasing an ebook in early October! The book will touch on intentions, affirmations, and motivations as we all navigate through this crazy journey we call life!  83 ord igjen


Ravenous Youth & a Universal Character

Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth

By: Xiaolu Guo

Grade: A

Xiaolu Guo was on my My Author Goals List this year list and I’m so glad I picked this book up. 378 ord igjen