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What are your weird reading habits?

I love to read, I have my entire life. And just like all things I obsess over, I seem to have more than I probably need. 862 ord igjen


We love reading

We love the smell of paper, the sound of the turning page, the tranquillity of spending time with a book. Our beautiful book.

We also appreciate the ability to connect with others at any time, any place. 137 ord igjen


She Met Three Boys

Guess what? I have one ongoing book at Wattpad, and yes it is my first time to create one. 123 ord igjen

Dumaguete City

My eyes are squinted. I lick my lips and bite dust. The chill runs down my spine. Visibility is at a minimum. Though I have used my saliva to coat my dry and broken lips several times, it still feels as if I am kissing sandpaper. 388 ord igjen

A winter's promise || ARC review

I received this ARC from edelweiss in exchange for an honest opinion. I finished reading it and took so long to write review. I was rotally awestruck by this book. 260 ord igjen

Book Review

My Favourite Film/TV Adaptations

Whenever a book is made into a film or TV show, there are always differences in the storylines or things that have been changed.

Some people love watching their favourite book on a screen but others point blank refuse to ‘ruin’ the book. 223 ord igjen


A Tale of War

Watch the trailer of A Tale of War, releasing 2nd October 2018:

December 2008. New Delhi, India. The country is on the brink of war, reeling from the devastating attacks unleashed on Mumbai by the enemies of India. 161 ord igjen