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Sinful Sunday - To Clothe or Not to Clothe ...

… That is the question.

I made a comment on Instagram about how too many clothes, as well as too few clothes always see a drop in followers. 199 ord igjen

Self Expression

5 Reasons Why Google Ads Is The Best PPC Service For You.

Pay-per-Click advertising commonly known as PPC is a type of online advertising, where the advertisers market their business. Each time the ad is clicked, the visitor gets directed to the advertiser’s website or landing page; and in turn, the publisher gets paid by the advertiser. 430 ord igjen


Quelques excuses

Petit annonce: J’ai décidé de réduire encore la cadence de mes écrits sur ce blog. Ce sera cinq articles par semaine pour le moment (tous les jours sauf les samedis et les mardis) mais je risque d’encore limiter cette fréquence si besoin. 550 ord igjen

Mes Projets

I dream I'm a tree (for Sylvia Plath)

I dream I’m a tree that waves its branches
each branch a different aspect of me
the I is the trunk that binds me together… 116 ord igjen



Hate is a strong word but I’ll give you reasons why I hate this ideals.

The skinnier the better-Those kpop artists go to extreme lengths to attain the perfect ‘slim’ body their fans want. 263 ord igjen


100 lbs Down [8/19/2018]

Technically I made this goal a few days ago. Although my highest weight calculated by the surgeon’s office in December was 381. My actual highest weight was the spring of 2017 at 415lbs. 938 ord igjen

Deamon Days

Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Mental health presents legal issues when crimes are committed, especially when dealing will killing or murder. Under Commonwealth law in Australia, unsoundness of mind can be used as a defence to a criminal charge.  1 074 ord igjen