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How to use Instagram for blogging ideas

Instagram is a social media platform consisting of photographs with captions underneath them. Users post pictures and leave comments on their friends’ images.

I love exploring Instagram. 243 ord igjen


What I've Been Playing This Week

Bad North: A strategy rougelike that I have been enjoying, with the occasional moments of frustration.

The game is set in, let’s call it the Vikings heyday. 1 474 ord igjen

Video Games

be a little selfish

You know how you sometimes trust people thinking they would never hurt you, or do anything to harm you; well, you were wrong. Sometimes people are just assholes and they will continue being one. 81 ord igjen


ARC Review: Infinite Blue by Natalina Reis

Infinite Blue by Natalina Reis


Published:  September 8th 2018

Published by: Hot Tree Publishing

Word Count: 66,000

Genres: paranormal romance, shifter romance

Pairings: M/M… 331 ord igjen



If our words don’t define us more than actions

Then maybe we should also stop living for what people say


Early Autumn.

September, a month where Summer’s warmth lingers on as Autumn brings in nippy mornings and changing colours. These past couple of weeks I have definitely been feeling the Autumn vibe. 265 ord igjen