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July pandemic highlights and ramblings (a newsletter, in blog form)

Hey! Good evening (to people in my time zone, GMT -5. :))

Thanks for stopping by.

This is my latest not-a-newsletter of highlights (not so many) and ramblings (many) since the last one at the end of June. 1 103 ord igjen



The Latter-Day Saints aka Mormons, faced very real oppression and bigotry because of their faith. In Missouri in the 1830s the Church’s opposition to slavery added to the usual mistrust and suspicion that Mormons faced. 1 799 ord igjen

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Simplify — Mama's Got This

A while back I wrote myself a note. I do this often. If you were to look inside my purse… car… pocket… desk drawer… you’d find several pieces of scrap paper or sticky notes.

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Our Jam For the Week...

We love this song and how strongly the feeling of needing someone to love you through your grief is captured through her voice. Our Jam For the Week is «Tell Me You Love Me» by the fabulous Demi Lovato.

Butterflies & Manifestations (c) David L O'Nan

There was a time
When I had an existence
We were the Roses
In fields with the butterflies
A Masterpiece
Manifestations followed by
The wilting, just weeds… 293 ord igjen

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How To Protect Yourself From Pandemic Coverage

By now, everyone is fully aware of what is going on around us.

And that none of us are better off for it.

It is nearly impossible to escape from the scourge that is running roughshod over us, ruining the quality of our lives, and generally making life a living hell. 1 388 ord igjen