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Closed Guard - Grip fighting, Posture and Base

When I first heard/learnt of Brazilian Jiujitsu for self defence/MMA, I was drawn in because the saying was that most fights end up going to the ground and that a smaller weaker opponent was able to defend/fight off an attacker from their back. 1 277 ord igjen

BJJ Holiday Reading

A couple of years ago I made some suggestions for BJJ themed Bedtime Reading. In a few weeks I’m jetting off on holiday so it makes sense to revisit my list and make some suggestions for what to pop on your kindle, e-reader or even get in paper format! 849 ord igjen


Diary: 20-15-2017

I stopped writing in my blog about a year ago, right around when I entered my final year of college. Before I stopped I wrote a few pieces here and there that I will be uploading but they might be out of sync with the blog flow or the dates might be off. 646 ord igjen


Passing the point of no return.

In any journey traveled, there is a point beyond which it is impossible to turn back. Once this point is passed, things for the traveler will never be the same again. 245 ord igjen

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Going to try again

Back again after another long hiatus. I’ve spent the last few months working hard on my thesis, which is finally done, set, bound and handed in, thank all that is good. 413 ord igjen


Gi Review: Hyperfly's HyperLyte Gi

The struggle I’ve found when buying BJJ equipment online is the availability of comprehensive reviews. When you’re about to drop a few hundred dollars on a kimono, you want to make sure that it’s going to good, right? 914 ord igjen

Martial Arts