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Ad in RedditIsFun app, WTF? Rant.

Yeah, free app, sponsored adds every 5 to 10 posts, no big deal. But this one caught me off guard. I didn't get a screenshot (hit the wrong button) but the picture was your average College campus setting, there was a man, 30ish with nice cloths-fresh haircut, who was either holding a baseball bat or an umbrella to a college age guys chest. 142 more words


A Misconceived Minority

Religion and theism are two popular ideologies. For the three Abrahamic religions, which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, one idea cannot be without the other. While many people are members of a certain religion or believe in a certain deity or deities, there are some people who do not follow a certain religion nor a belief. 401 more words


Then There Is Christmas

All too quickly Thanksgiving Day has passed and we are racing on toward Christmas. I know when I was a kid, I looked so forward to Christmas. 795 more words


June Book Review: The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails edited by John W. Loftus

“In their most inner thoughts, even the most devout Christians know that there is something illegitimate about belief. Underneath their profession of faith there is a sleeping giant of doubt….In my experience, the best way to conquer doubt is to yield to it.” – Dan Barker, pastor-turned-atheist… 557 more words

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