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A Love Of The Idea Of Georgia

Lines and objects curve and contort together, never straying far from the linear. Gold gleams out of the grey of the marble. They scribe out an effect upon a surface; the effect of words: but they are entirely unintelligible to me. 1 055 ord igjen


Why would you go to China?

The first things that most people think about China are overpopulation, pollution, Yao Ming, the one-child policy, eating dogs and the place where everything is made.  326 ord igjen


Things to do in Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese Painting Class

Confession: my sister and I don’t really take our hobbies seriously. We both like painting but we’ve never (in our adulthood) taken classes or anything of the sort. 345 ord igjen


Asia Travel

You can check out my guides to Cambodia (Siem Reap), Hong Kong & Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Elephant Nature Park) by clicking on the links below. 38 ord igjen


I've updated my Wordpress site!

Very exciting… I’ve updated my WordPress site :)

You can now select travel guides by continent by clicking on the drop down menus!


EUROPE… 14 ord igjen


New 'mysterious' frog species discovered in India's Western Ghats

Source: BBC News

Indian researchers have discovered a new species of frog – in a roadside puddle.

Sonali Garg, a PhD student at Delhi University, and her supervisor SD Biju found the new species in the Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot in southern India. 57 ord igjen


Families of missing Uighurs call for 'proof of life' videos from Chinese government

Source: The Guardian

BY Lily Kuo in Beijing

Beijing’s latest efforts to dispel criticism of its treatment of Uighur Muslims in the northwestern Chinese territory of  108 ord igjen