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Modern art & architecture of Rotterdam

Since its historic center was almost completely destroyed during WW2, Rotterdam was rebuilt in modern architecture after the war. In the last few years, many new towers have arisen and many new iconic buildings designed. 101 ord igjen


Artist Exposé - Underwater Portraits

Fine Art Photographer Barbara Cole is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this fine art photography.  From her project ‘Duplicity’ To see Barbara’s body of work click on any image. 31 ord igjen


Drawing with color pencils

There are several different approaches to sharpen your pencils and many distinct techniques to use them. Employing precisely the same hand which you have your pencil in, place your thumb on the rear of the blade casing. 202 ord igjen


Dog's life

It looks like SHE shouldn’t complain though…


Second Sight

i stand guard

over my thoughts,

echoes of external energies,

disparate humming bees

that swarm the trail.

i guide from within

nipping the heals

of stragglers, 48 ord igjen