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There is something lonely about this picture.
Something desolate.
I think of things forgotten.
Not completely –
I mean – not by everyone.
Have you ever heard somebody say that they have nothing? 90 more words



While the world sleeps

You’re creating galaxies and symphonies with your poetry.

I’ll sing the harmony

To your melody;

Lockstep, I’m following.

Sonia Nisa will exhibit her work at Tings Lisbon

Meet Sonia Nisa, the illustrator who worked with Jens Lysdal on Time

Before Jens Lysdal’s Time Project I didn’t know Sonia Nisa and her art. But when I saw the art, liked it a lot – and found out that Sonia is Portuguese, I contacted her and asked her why she didn’t show some of her works in connection with Jens Lysdal’s concert. 278 more words

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