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כוון הציר האפקי במסמכים הנכתבים מימין לשמאל

אני מחפש דוגמאות נוספות

יש לכם דוגמה של גרף עברי ״הפוך״? גרפים בערבית או פארסי? שלחו לי.

This post is a Hebrew translation of the post « 192 ord igjen


Mdina, Malta

Mdina was the old capital of Malta and dates back to the 8th century BC when it was founded by Phoenician settlers. If you wish to read more about the history of the city, click… 136 ord igjen

Irish Man In The Middle East

Humor in Beirut

One of the pleasures of travel is getting to hear the distinctive genres of humor that crop up in different regions.  While I was doing research for my doctoral thesis in Beirut, I spoke to plenty of people from Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.  776 ord igjen

Travel Writing

Asateer Tent - Atlantis, The Palm

An experience like no other! From the moment you walk in until the end of the meal there is a sense of Royalty, a feeling of being on a larger than life movie set. 415 ord igjen

Across The UAE

رحلة إلى أرض الأجداد

أرمال بيغا

رحلة إلى أرض الأجداد

لقد نشأ في بيئة عربية، محاطاً بالتقاليد العربية. وعرف عن خلفيته الألبانية بسبب إسمه الذي أشار الى ذلك بالأضافة لسماعه ذلك من والديه، 563 ord igjen