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In the eye of the storm...

«Is there any time left in this world?…We continue to live on a stage where there is nothing but the present. Past and future alike have dissolved into a perpetual now, leaving us imprisoned in a moment without links backwards or forwards: only the dimension of space extends in all directions, across the seamless surface of a globalized world, in which everyone is connected to everyone else through unaccountable threads – but time has ceased flowing…In place of villages there are suburbs; no matter how far the postmodernist drives, she will encounter inhabitants of the same cultural present, watching the same programs or – to update the analysis – posting pictures on the same networks. 716 ord igjen


Andreas Malm: In Wilderness is the Liberation of the World

If you have been following Andreas Malm’s work, such as his latest book The Progress of This Storm, you’ll be familiar with his latest project of bringing realism back to environmental thought in combination with his view of Marxism. 56 ord igjen


Don’t go blaming social nihilists for any of your problems – they understand the Human Condition quite well, but checked out of the Solutions Express decades ago. 611 ord igjen