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Don’t go blaming social nihilists for any of your problems – they understand the Human Condition quite well, but checked out of the Solutions Express decades ago. 611 ord igjen

Convergence: Capitalism, Climate, Catastrophe (with Andreas Malm)

Last fall, I taught a graduate seminar in global environmental history. The focus for the course was the Anthropocene, which was beginning to dominate much of the recent environmental discourse (see my recent podcast conversation with Libby Robin on the Anthropocene  245 ord igjen

Catastrophic History

The Anthropocene Myth

[Andreas Malm*]

Blaming all of humanity for climate change lets capitalism off the hook. 2 344 ord igjen


‘This is the Hell that I have Heard of’: Some Dialectical Images in Fossil Fuel Fiction

by Andreas Malm

How can the realities of global warming be made visible in literary texts? After the rise of ‘cli-fi’, it might be time to return to a trove of literature written long before the discoveries of climate science: fiction about fossil fuels. 11 049 ord igjen