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Allah Is The Only Creator

For a Muslim it is imperative to have confidence in the Supremacy and unity of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH is the main Creator, henceforth, whatever a Muslim needs or a Muslim wants from ALLAH Almighty. 533 ord igjen


It’s All about Umrah (Part 2)

* Write you will properly: 

Life is completely unpredictable and no one knows that when he or she are going to die, so before leaving for pilgrimage it is suggested and necessary to write you will, for in case if we die. 472 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

Hajj 2018 And Some Other Information:

Governor of Makkah and chairman of Makkah of improvement Authority have adopted the operational plan for this year Hajj 2018.

The plan pursuits to growth performance of initiatives overseen by using the authority on the holy locations and sites, specifically the way by railway to holy cities, the facility for Jamarat, working and maintaining toilets on the holy sites, tracking the performance of Hajj offerings 2018, and establishing a database for Hajj. 491 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

Hajj, an Obligatory Pillar of Islam

Hajj is the required spiritual responsibility which is obligatory on every financially, mentally or physically stable Muslim once in a lifetime. Every year in the month of Zil-Hajj Muslims from all around the world visit to Makah for offering the rites and rituals of Hajj Pilgrimage. 503 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

Important Guidelines For Hajj

Hajj is the 5th pillar and obligatory pillar of religion Islam. Every year millions of Muslims from all over the global arrived in Makkah for performing rites of Hajj. 552 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

It’s All about Umrah (Part 1)

Umrah is a lesser or minor pilgrimage that is not obligatory to perform and there is not any fixed time or month to perform it like Hajj, it can be perfored throughout the year. 480 ord igjen

Allah Almighty

Doing Good Deeds In The Light Of Islam

Close your eyes and consider all the great demonstrations and deeds you have done, by giving somebody some assistance or made somebody glad or gave him or her grin. 461 ord igjen