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The Benefit Of Booking Umrah Packages In Advance Of Ramadan

As performing Umrah makes you have a lot of reward from Allah, it is indeed performed wholeheartedly by all the Muslims around the world. Muslims also look for the opportunity to perform it in the holy month of Ramadan. 467 ord igjen


Umrah Deals 2018

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Stay Patience in Hardships:

What is patience (Sabr)? Is it grieving the death of a cherished one? Addressing issues at home or at a workplace? Being patient doesn’t continually entail a few unlucky occasion happening; in reality being a believer calls for a brilliant way of staying strong and deal situations patiently. 485 ord igjen

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Concept Of Gratitude In Islam

Gratitude or thankfulness is the finest way to live for individuals who own excessive ranks of pious and righteousness. Term ‘Alhamdulillah’ which is commonly translated as “all praise is for ALLAH Almighty.” Alhamdulillah indicates gratitude in our normal lives. 451 ord igjen


Well Oriented Hajj Package 2019 Offered by Perfect Flights

Hajj is the most important spiritual duty in Islam. As our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) perform Hajj once in their lifetime. So, for all Muslims, it becomes the compulsory obligation that they perform Hajj before their death. 346 ord igjen

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How to Prepare For Umrah? Know Some Facts

Umrah is an important spiritual duty. For the purpose of preparing the Umrah journey, focus on the following steps:

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The Place of Woman in Islam

In Islam, women have a very important place and position. A woman is an inseparable part of our society. It is the first teaching in Islam to provide women with basic education. 405 ord igjen