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On Track?

It’s ok –

a train of thought

sometimes takes time

to derail.

(The runaway train

stuck on the track

is what’s suspect –

not the derailing.)

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How to Say it in Korean: Shall we go to Busan during the vacation?

Here’s a useful Korean expression that you can use when you want to say “Shall we go to Busan during the vacation?” 37 ord igjen

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Tips for Commenting, Chatting, and Trading on Quidd

Quidd is all about having fun with your favorite stuff. 

Since having fun is different for different people, here are some guidelines and policies for engaging with the Quidd community through comments, chats, and trades. 271 ord igjen

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Strolling Through Copenhagen

My time in Copenhagen, Denmark, was short, but I did what I usually do when I’m visiting a new city: I wandered and took photos. 19 ord igjen

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Why I write about religion

Hi, in this post I will share the reasons why I write (and make other content) about religion and atheism. A longer version of this will appear in my self-published work. 118 ord igjen

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