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Manchopper in....Hucknall (Hucknall Rolls Leisure FC)

Result: Hucknall Rolls Leisure 0-9 Notts County X1 (Pre-Season Friendly)

Venue: Rolls Royce Leisure (Saturday 11th July 2015, 2pm)

Att: Around 600 (approx.)

The early stages of this blog are the only time the club will be referred to as Hucknall Rolls Leisure, as I know pretty much all of us will prefer Rolls Royce FC, no? 1 770 more words

Abdoulla Alliyu

Lost in...Rolls Royce

Hucknall Rolls Leisure v Notts County

Watnall Road / Friendly / 11th July 2015

(Okay, weird title I know, but bear with me).

I regularly cite Nottingham as one of my favourite cities in the country. 3 433 more words

Lost In...

Players discover their fate in preparation for next season

One big criticism from fans and on-lookers this season has been the high turnover of playing staff. Players came through the gates of Meadow Lane at an alarming rate, especially when you consider the fact that the one thing Notts desperately need is stability – in all areas. 254 more words

Notts County


On Bravery

by Shayna Rosenblum (Frewyeini (Sincata) Tigray 2012–14)

I never remember my parents having to teach me to be brave. I was never afraid of the ball playing sports. 4 852 more words


Manchester United's Alan Smith WAS abused by Liverpool fans

You would think that nothing could be worse for a football supporter than seeing your team knocked out of the FA Cup by a hated rival. 618 more words


From the San Siro to Meadow Lane - Alan Smith

«When I looked down, the leg was lying one way and my ankle was pointing towards Hong Kong so I knew I was in serious trouble.» 862 more words


How To Love Someone You Don't Like

In his Thought for the Day, Alan Smith tells the story of a patient who had skipped a Doctor’s appointment. When he finally showed up, this conversation ensued. 613 more words