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The Unshakable Dark Shadow that Never Forgets

On 15th January 2016 Mohammed Awadh left Mombasa with three of his friends for their hideout at KwaJiwa in the outskirts of Malindi town, a resort town favoured by Italian and German  tourists some 115 kilometres away from Mombasa. 1 510 ord igjen


What it is like for Kate Copstick living, working and running a charity in Kenya

Journalist Kate Copstick’s work with her Mama Biashara charity in Kenya has been covered in this blog over the last few years. 

Mama Biashara helps poor people (especially women) set up their own small self-supporting businesses which may give them a lift to a better life – a hand up, not a hand out. 1 262 ord igjen

Kate Copstick

The Unseen Side of War: The story of an Al Shabaab bride who married a terrorist and a counter terrorist officer

On October 16 2011 when Kenya’s armed forces invaded southern Somalia in the middle of a severe famine hoping to eventually capture the port city of Kismayo and cut off what at that time was thought of as the most vital lifeline for the group, Fatma was a 15year old whose main concern was whether the henna she had applied the previous night would hold on to her fingernails for long. 1 390 ord igjen


Mukhtar Robow's Arrest and it's Implications for Somalia and Al Shabaab

As US-Taliban peace talks continue amid much curiosity and criticism, Somalia has also been dealing with a political quagmire that has similar implications in a continuing saga which began with Mukhtar Robow’s arrest late last year. 2 505 ord igjen


Extortion Racket: Somalia Aid Money Ends up in Al-Shabaab’s Coffers

Al-Shabaab is making millions of dollars each year by exploiting foreign aid money sent to Somalia by the very western nations who are trying to eliminate the terror group. 890 ord igjen


Kenya criticises issue of travel advisories at US meeting

Kenya on Wednesday criticised “the predictable pattern of travel advisories” in the aftermath of terror attacks.

“Travel advisories only serve to play into the hands of these vile merchants of death to who fear and despondence are essential tools of trade,” Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba told the 79-member Global Coalition Against ISIS conference of Foreign ministers in Washington DC. 637 ord igjen

Somalia innovators inspired by war on terror

Millions of dollars are being spent to fight terrorism in Somalia. For years, Al shabaab has been terrorizing Somalis but the ultimate price to end this is paid by the hundreds of people dying. 31 ord igjen

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