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Fight, Zatoichi, Fight (1964)

aka Zatôichi kesshô-tabi

2018 #76
Kenji Misumi | 88 mins | Blu-ray | 2.35:1 | Japan / Japanese

It’s a bit ironic that whoever chose the English-language titles… 905 ord igjen


007: The Craig Years - Ranked

Once again, it’s time to fire up the Aston Martin, don your Walther PPK and shake (but don’t stir) that vodka martini. Production on Bond number 25 has been confirmed to start in December this year, with Daniel Craig returning as 007 and BAFTA, Golden Globe and Oscar-winning Danny Boyle signed on to direct. 397 ord igjen

Film Review


Me and my friends (were 7 actually) planned to visit Marinduque last 2017 to witness their famous holy week tradition called «MORIONES FESTIVAL». And dahil planned trip, usually madami din pagbabago on our shcedule, so it end up dalawa na lang kaming tumuloy. 1 191 ord igjen


Mona Lisa Smile

We were able to see it yesterday (along with thousands of other people)! The Mona Lisa. It’s much smaller than you might imagine, it’s only 77cm x 53cm. 397 ord igjen


Turning 26 in Bustling Hong Kong

Remember that thing Eric said about «purchasing power» in this blog’s most recent post? Well, I’m no Economics major, but let me tell you: if I had to guess, I’d say an American’s purchasing power in Hong Kong is no bueno. 1 851 ord igjen

Saaaaan Diegooooo!

Day 2 of the adventure!

It started out like any other day: going to the gym.

I don’t know if I thought life would be different on this road trip, but it definitely isn’t. 531 ord igjen

Across America

Mannavanur- An offbeat place in Kodaikanal

“Once you visit the place, you will start hating mankind for destroying nature!” my friend exclaimed on asking about Mannavanur, a farming village on the upper hills of Kodaikanal. 678 ord igjen