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Holbrook and Cobram.

I slept like a log but it was an early rise. Juno’s bladder woke me up at around 5am at which time I successfully feigned sleep until Kelly finally got up to take him out for a whizz. 493 ord igjen


Santa Cruz here I come...

I picked up a much needed coffee at a Mexican Taquería, and I’m now finding myself surrounded more by Hispanics than whites, who come to these parts to work the strawberry harvest….amongst many other back-breaking jobs… 230 ord igjen


The cabinet of curiosities: 36 tales brief and sinister by Stefan Bachmann

Hi everyone, I hope you all are enjoying this little journey through the dark and twisted side of tween fiction reads. If you liked the last two weeks’ posts then you might enjoy this week’s one. 196 ord igjen

Tween Book

The City That Never Sleeps

Time to take a trip across the country to the city that is made up of 5 boroughs that sit where the famous Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean.At its center lies are densely populated borough that’s among the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. 906 ord igjen


Monster House - Film Review

What would you do if you build a home for the love of your life only to lose her? Would you complete the building knowing that it would make her happy? 501 ord igjen


Fierce Tales: Savage Lands Now Available!

Millhaven Press is proud to release «Fierce Tales: Savage Lands» available on Amazon now!

Five tales of heroic adventure in exotic worlds.

Inside you will find the tale of two down-on-their luck Vikings who accept a job from a wizard, despite their misgivings. 186 ord igjen

Destination: Chambéry, France

On my very last day in Grenoble over an extended weekend in September, I decided to do one final day trip before I needed to head back to my town. 1 193 ord igjen