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Espresso House - Tomi’s coffee trip in Europe



Espresso House 185 ord igjen


Fuglen Oslo - Tomi's coffee trip in Europe


コーヒートリップはここからスタートするしかない!と、まだ15時くらいなのに真っ暗、そして雪が吹雪いている中歩いてFuglen Osloへと向かいました。

Fuglen 268 ord igjen


Fuglen Tokyo - Tomi's coffee trip in Tokyo

Fuglen is the one of the most popular cafe in the mainstream of speciality coffee in Tokyo, Japan. This cafe is the neighborhood of Yoyogi park. 165 ord igjen


4/4 Seasons Coffee - Tomi's coffee trip in Tokyo

When you come to Shinjuku which is one of the most crowded city in Japan and you are tired, I recommend you to go to… 157 ord igjen


MEET MIA - Tomi’s coffee trip in Zagreb, Croatia

I have visited Zagreb, Croatia last month. That town is a small but maybe one of the cutest and most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Also there are not so many cafes and single origin coffee shops, I found one favorite cafe during the trip. 182 ord igjen